La Lauda di Francesco

The Lauda of St Francis is the logical and artistical continuation of the project of the “Infinitamente Piccolo”, album of the artist Angelo Branduardi, published by EMI in 2000, of which the concert has been an enormous success and has been presented to the public of youths in Rome, in the presence of Pope Jean-Paul II and a hundred of million of young people gathered at Rome in august 2000.

On stage: images, shapes and colours inspirated to the paintings of Giotto; dialogues, costumes and thematic surprisingly rich of analogies in spite of times and cultures as distant between them. It is a multilevel work, a set of concentric circles destined to unite the depth of the theater declaimed, the eternal harmony of the shapes of the dance and the depth of the music of Angelo Branduardi.

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Il Viaggio Incantato

An absolute premiere has characterized the season 1989-1990, when for the direction of Macedonio I Piccoli the scene Il viaggio incantato was inserted, written by Furio Bordon (then artistic manager of the Stabile). The trip, metaphor of the run of growth of a young prince, allowed a series of fanciful meetings, of pleasant episodes, that the marionettes (also created in this occasion, as for all the new preceding shows, by Renzo Possenelli) interpreted in the scenes and in the customs of Pier Paul Bisleri. An unusual event was singer-songwriter Angelo Branduardi's musical contribution. On March 18, the performance was held - with the same Branduardi in scene - at  the Politeama Rossetti: the following replicas were at the Theater Crystal, before the departure for a long tour.


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Angelo Branduardi has been also narrator for the musical tale Pierino e il lupo by Sergej Prokofiev  and Il carnevale degli animali by Camille Saint-SaŽns, work for 2 pianos and little chamber orchestra.


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