Enero 2010

06.01.2010 - Benevento Natale Arcobaleno III Ed  - Teatro Comunale
il costo del biglietto è di 10 euro (devoluti in beneficenza)
Tickets c/o Teatro Comunale di Benevento tel. 0824 42211  INFO


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The song "LA TEMPESTA" is the second track of the new Album of Angelo Branduardi : "Senza Spina"

The new single "LA TEMPESTA" is accompanied by a videoclip  which filming took place in late October in the area of Genoa, the city where Angelo lived up to the age of fifteen years and which has always been tied.

The video was produced by Alberto Parodi for Logicalbox, directed by Corrado Silveri, photography by Marco Sgorbati





"For all the "seamen" who, at least once in their life, have faced the storm, risking losing the route ...
have been able to wait for the good wind swell their sails and have taken over the direction of the sea, to new storms. "


Angelo Branduardi - La Tempesta ( Official Videoclip)

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